Conflicting Breastfeeding Stories

Some people’s views on breastfeeding shock me. News stories appal me.
I read two posts in the same day that gave me mixed signals. A post on BBC News stated that Nigel Farage suggested that a breastfeeding woman should sit in a corner to do so.  He also commented on some people feeling uncomfortable with a breastfeeding Mum being near. My opinion is that why should an infant, who cannot prevent itself from feeling hungry, which is a form of discomfort, have to wait to be fed for the benefit of older people who have the choice to look away. Farage did later defend his comments.

Then, another story was published. It stated that breastfeeding could cut NHS costs as well as improve the health of infants. It was an interesting and factual read. However, it was a little mind-boggling to read about how breastfeeding should be censored and then the next you read about how important it is to breastfeed the baby until the child is 7 months old. Another idea I disagree with is that babies should be covered while eating in this form. What do you guys think?

I do understand in some extreme circumstances like a nursery or school environment where breastfeeding in front of a large group of children who may not be aware of breastfeeding may cause a lot of confusion as well as discomfort for both parties?

I really struggle with this generation. No matter where you look or go there are half naked girls everywhere. In town, there are life-size posters of girls showcasing underwear, perfume or an umbrella all while half-naked. Music videos. Every second advert on TV like that one I saw that was supposed to be for tampons but really only featured thong wearing asses. On Facebook, you get text fails. They are everywhere. Yet when a sliver of skin is exposed to feed a baby it’s wrong. 

10 thoughts on “Conflicting Breastfeeding Stories

  1. stilldreaming15 says:

    It’s sad that ideas like the ones you mentioned from the first news article are out there. At the moment, the UK has a very low uptake of breastfeeding despite lots of promotion, which is a shame really because there ARE lots of health benefits to breastfeeding for mum and baby that you might not even think of such as a reduced risk of some cancers (the UNICEF Baby Feeding Initiative is worth a read to find out more about them) and even things like asthma.

    I think mums have to and should be able to make their own choice about what is best for them and their family in terms of whether or how they want to breastfeed. However, treating it as unnatural or something we should cover up and hide instead of what it is, which is a natural feed for a baby, is really unhelpful and I don’t think we can say it’s much of a choice at all. If I were a mother, and one day I do hope to be one with her own breastfeeding stories to tell, I would probably feel a ton of pressure, breastfeeding in public especially.

    I hope we really work on this attitude to eliminate it altogether and create an environment in terms of society where women feel comfortable feeding their babies whenever, wherever and in whatever that best way is for them.


    1. hadhopeamy says:

      Thank you for such a thoughtful comment 🙂
      I agree. Breastfeeding is something I have recently become interested in. Not in the sense that I will search about it regularly but if I see a news story etc regarding breastfeeding then I am likely to stop and read it. This is due to me being brought up around bottle fed children. I then moved in with my Dad who had a newborn that was being breastfed by his fiancé. At that time I was determined that if I were to have a child it would be bottle fed because it was what I was used to. However, since the change in family dynamics and due to the increased promotion of breastfeeding it is something I am more open to doing and hope it is a suitable choice for me to make when the time comes.
      Your last sentence there on that comment is truly wonderful and really sums up what I hope everyone can work towards over the next decade.
      Thanks again!


  2. mandaontour says:

    Strangely, people being uncomfortable with breastfeeding is a modern issue, not an old fashioned one. Formula has only been widely available since the 50’s. Prior to that, almost all babies were breastfed either by their own mother or by another lactating mother (rich people had wet nurses, poor people nursed each other’s babies). Breastfeeding has been normal since the dawn of time and all of a sudden it’s not. A lot of this attitude stems from formula company brainwashing. Even the incorrect belief that babies should only be breastfed for six months, stems from formula companies who want your money for the second six months of your child’s life even if they didn’t receive it for the first six months. The World Health Organisation recommends exclusive breastfeeding for six months followed by extended breastfeeding at least until the child is two. Regardless of all of that, I breastfed my son whenever he needed me to. I once walked round the sea wall in Stanley Park, Vancouver with my son in a Moby wrap, nursing him as I went. If do the same while clothes shopping or whatever. If I have another child, I will also nurse them wherever they need as well. If someone has a problem, too bad, it’s their problem, not mine. I dare them to say something to me. My child has as much right to be fed as anyone else. Luckily I have the law on my side, it’s illegal to prevent a mother from nursing her child anywhere that she’s legally entitled to take her child.

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    1. hadhopeamy says:

      Thank you for bringing your knowledge into the comments section, it was an interesting read 🙂 im glad you breastfeed wherever and whenever need be, it’s how it should be! Yes I do realise that, it’s just the last while that breastfeeding has been an issue which, as I said in my post, I find silly due to the increasing acceptance of skin exposure I.e nakedness everywhere haha 🙂


  3. Karen says:

    If others feel uncomfortable then I can sense it and it makes me feel so too. I’m feeding Rory in public less now than I did but it’s still sometimes awkward. Hopefully by the time my son grows up he will be astounded by our old fashioned attitudes!

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  4. hadhopeamy says:

    Thank you for your comment! 🙂 I love your blog so it’s great to see you agree with something I have written.


  5. Glynis says:

    Preach!!! I am so sick of people talking about being offended by breastfeeding. It’s a fact of life, just like going to the bathroom. People do it, if you’re uncomfortable with it, then ignore everyone who DOES do it!

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    1. hadhopeamy says:

      Thank you very much for the quick response! I’m glad someone agrees 🙂 I know not everyone will agree with my views but I hope everyone can at least agree that the media has to decide whether breastfeeding should be promoted or censored one way or another without sending mixed signals – such as these conflicting stories. A change is much needed… 🙂


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