February 2019 Round Up

I once wrote a post that is still relevant about how I’ve ditched the numbers game. I’m not focusing on number related goals or achievements for my blog. Instead, I’m aiming to be consistent with a hobby and have engagement.

However, transparency is something I appreciate. I personally love reading posts about what a blogger/freelancer has earned over the month and which streams they obtained the revenue from.

My blog is not currently monetised but I’m still happy to share my numbers and engagements for those who are interested regardless.

I didn’t expect so many visitors to interact with my blog considering I hadn’t posted anything in almost a year.

For the first time ever I gained more views/engagements/visitors from Facebook than Twitter. This was due to a £15 voucher coupon that Facebook gave me. If you’ve had a similar notification from Facebook and ignored it I suggest you accept next time. It had way more of an impact than I thought it would.

I love that WordPress allows me to see which countries my views have originated from. Its fascinating that words I type here in cold grey Scotland are read in all different cultures by such a variety of people!

If you fancy making my day I’m totally up for you snapping a picture of your laptop/mobile/ipad/device in whatever location you’re reading my blog. Whether it’s on a bus, in bed (keep it PG), on the couch in the living room, in the kitchen waiting on your tea brewing or outside wherever it may be.

If you missed my posts this month you’ll be glad to know you don’t have much to catch up on. I posted Latecomer and Then and Now.

-Amy x


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